Infamous Unsolved Crimes

There are crimes to be solved everyday, everywhere yet a select few are considered Infamous due to the complexity and media coverage. These crimes have confused people for a long period, and that can only mean one thing, we got to solve them.

Now as you will see I have a specifically avoided explaining the whole crime in detail to you because you as a crime solver must research these crimes yourself to formulate a correct unbiased opinion. Soon my friend Watson will be posting full stories of these crimes and both of us will give full detailed feedback upon our process of solving these crimes. (Don’t forget to post yours.)

The Somerton Man

This case, in my personal opinion, is one of the most complex and baffling ones ever. The list of possible causes are very large. A man found dead upon Somerton Beach, Australia. Simple enough (for now.) Then they find a hidden pocket which is concealing a small page torn from the book called ‘The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. Once the police found this book that the piece was torn out from, they found a code that is still unsolved. They do not know who murdered the man, they do not know the meaning of the code, Do you?

Ricky McCormick

This is a case currently opened by the FBI who wish the public to help solve this murder. A man found dead with some notes also in code format(otherwise it would be straight forward, wouldn’t it?), for more information go to the FBI website. Strange case this one is indeed, Could you be the Solver?

Jon-Benet Ramsey

This is a case that has broken worldwide towards the end of 1996 about a missing girl who was found dead within her home. She frequently entered beauty pageants, and was only 6 years old. A ransom note was found on the table which was very long and suspicious. Help solve this case and bring whichever twisted person did this, to justice.

Jack the Ripper

This is one of the world’s best known case during the Victorian era of 1888. A serial killer known as Jack the Ripper was terrorizing London by leaving victims in horrible conditions. He sent letters to the police taunting them, Could you be the mastermind that solve the case that has been the center of many crime papers.

Of course there are many more unsolved crimes such as the Black Dahlia, Tylenol Poisonings, Jack the Stripper etc. These are a few unsolved crimes yet we need to solve them.

This is the start of your detective lifestyle by picking a case. So I bid you farewell (for now) and Good Luck.



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